Thrival Festival

By September 15, 2018Active, Entertainment, Local, Weekend
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Technology, humans, and the environment do not always work well with one another, but when they do, they can create something magical.

This year, the Thrival Festival, taking place September 19th through to the 21st, is exploring this beautiful relationship that shapes and forms our fast moving society, and of course there will be a concert at the end to celebrate the official end of Summer.

The festival starts off September 19th at the Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre in East Liberty. It is here where Mayor Bill Peduto will make his opening remarks to begin the three-day long festival. Learn what Pittsburgh has been doing to improve the working conditions and environments, and what still needs to be done to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity at employment. Travel through time and see how this steel mill town became the health care powerhouse that we call home.  And you could call home, too, if you don’t already – Heinz Lofts are a smart option for apartments in Pittsburgh.

On September 20th, Thrival festival will explore technology, humans, and the environment. Immerse yourself into the most eco-friendly and technologically advanced centers in Pittsburgh, Phipp’s Conservatory. Take part in panels spanning a wide range of topics. Listen as experts explore everything from “The Ethics and Implications of Human Augmentation,” to “United Nations Strategies for Sustainable Development of Technology,” and “(Im)moral Immortality: Is it Right to Live Forever?”

Also on September 20th, from 5pm to 11pm, the Carnegie Museum of Art invites yinzers and alike to discover just exactly what it means to be human. Be apart of interactive activities and curated technology simulations that push your mind to think in all new dimensions.

Always wanted to go to Highmark Stadium, but not a big fan of either the Riverhounds or Soccer in general? On September 21st, Pittsburgh is lending the Thrival Festival Highmark Stadium to send off this year’s festival with a concert featuring Dillon Francis. The moombahton DJ is taking a break from his long stay in Las Vegas to be apart of the Thrival Festival’s final day. Not into music, but your friends are begging you to go? There will also be plenty of food trucks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks served, and finally a massive art festival as well. Come out and experience some of Pittsburgh’s finest artisans.

This Thrival Festival is taking place right on the Pittsburgh riverfront and it is set to be the best one yet. Three-days of exploration, examination, and fun what more could you ask for? Hope to see you there neighbor!